Sound and Clouds and Thunder (31)


[Officially permitted, mezzo-condoned posting from Ann Hallenberg’s “Carnevale 1729” album: The Cosrovio aria “Mi par sentir la bella” (in some of the prints of the Zeno libretto written as “Parmi sentir la bella”), from Giacomelli’s “Giangur”]

Sometimes, in between nepotism and greed and callousness and abuse of the less privileged, and the lives this attitude does cost, directly and indirectly, we need – we are allowed to! – to connect with beauty. Because it is the one thing that renders us able to connect with others and with the world around us, and without connection with a shared space of something greater, there can be no empathy and empathy is the first thing we need to stand up for the person next to us.

(Unless that person is 45. Then please just call the Dora Milaje.)


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