White Shirt Monday: Rohrschach

[…apparently there are poses that are hotwired into my brain:
“Are you pondering what I’m pondering? – “I think so, Brian. But what would that Eurydice costume look like on a petite redhead?” – Sophie Witte (Eurydice) and Eva Maria Günschmann (Orphée) in Gluck’s “Orphée et Eurydice”, Mönchengladbach 2017. – Photo Credit: Matthias Stutte]

Mönchengladbach’s/Krefeld’s current “Orphée” is getting glowing reviews (still running through July 13th, and then back in November, and Feb-June 2018) both for the musical side, and the staging by Jakob Peters-Messer: it is one big argument for the things possible in smaller-scale German stadttheaters.

(It is also one big argument for one production wiring you to certain markers, and then those markers pinging you in future productions without the singers who originally forged then, and then your brain is just yapping for oxygene in a very Pavlovian way and actually on a different planet altogether. Even though the geographic region of the setting may be more or less the same).

…There is a Xena episode called “Lyre, Lyre, Hearts of Fire”. very Orphic setting. Lots of singing. The Amazons give a rendition of “Sisters Are Doing It For Themseves”, but I digress.

Since this show is around for a while, I hope to be conferencing in the vicinity next season – the Reaper Amor is an interesting idea already. And there may be other elements uh… suiting my interests.


[Reacting to  archetypes like a string to a bow? – Gabriela Kuhn (? – the multiple Amor casts under the make-up might make me misguess, full cast info per show can be found here) as Amor and Eva Maria Günschmann as Orphée in in Gluck’s “Orphée et Eurydice”, Mönchengladbach 2017. – Photo Credit: Matthias Stutte]

And if this post seems cryptic to you, and even more so if it doesn’t, head over to the company website and check out the production photo gallery for added Pining Prince of Ponto Rohrschach (there is even a video. I may have been yelling at my screen by 0:02 already). I mean come on. C o m e  o n !


23 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Rohrschach”

  1. hurrah, indeed an early WSM! (it’s only 3.30pm here!) The photo album + video is challenging my internet connection so might have to wait 2 more days… and then there’s also “WSM: More Mitridate” as a suggestion right above this comment box.. with a gray jacket and green velvet and red hair… , and hands..

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    1. Yes. Hands were a point in question.

      — if it is past midnight here, I get to post it! 🙂

      And we can continue our discussion here on “the singer does not ping me, type-wise, but the poses are! (and they are carrying over from another production)”

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  2. wau, just checked out the footage and photos.. that is *high* level shirt-wearing technique… *want* to see the whole thing.
    But i must admit she does not remind me of anyone.. or her posture/geture/pose… if anything, am somehow reminded of this Orfeo & Eurydice from Salzburg some years back?


      1. Funny, I thought that, too, for a brief second. But the singer in general wouldn’t have pinged me (I would have to cross-check more of her work) – to me, it was that recognition of poses in combination with the suit (and perhaps the ponytail. That was just overkill)


    1. In between the ponytail, suit, hands, piny kneeling and desperate tangle/untangle poses, I get a 3 ft. Neon alert saying “Paris Mitridate!”
      Not the singer per se, but the poses (the stills more than the video)

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      1. i thought of that too.. but i’m guessing the wide shoulders make a very big “non-recognizing” shape for me… and the shapes of hands / structures of fingers.. ahem.. altogether, already on first look i didn’t catch the air
        and then the pose: strangely enough, i think again due to the shape of shoulders and perhaps head angles, and really, it’s how the arm extended. so it didn’t connect me at all! and here we should also jot down exactly what we “see” as recognizing pattern…


        1. This makes a fascinating vantage point on different intakes – look at me thinking it was so obvious (to a degree)!
          In reading your description, it stood out to how much it is geometry and math: angles, degrees, motion impulses,cutting past the surface. My own description, I probably cannot analyze well, but it is clearly more surfaces, and it seems tone more narrative-oriented – deducing patterns from derivate citations?

          and in reading your points, I have to agree with all the misalignments you point out, yet my first reaction was still “this is familiar”, even as I recognized it as a citation of a pattern (as opposed to a likewise embodiment).

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            1. …that time when you had a crush on that blond girl in high school who drove a certain car, and you were so pavloved onto her that you smiled at all blondes going by in such cars? Something like that.

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            2. oh, thanks for the example, i was not digesting those words too well either 🙂

              surface or non-surface: i’m not sure it has much to do with it, it’s just what we “look” at? for the same reasons I thought that writing about “hands” that you linked and Towanda talked about, how it didn’t apply to me at all because i look at hands differently. same with feet. i’ve been thinking, perhaps my first reaction has always been: can she run 100m dash bare feet, then grab onto the hand-ball (long fingers with big sticky heads) and launch into the goal.. 😀 .. or something like that… hence all the mentions of “tilt”, “momentum”, “big hands”, “love bare feet”, etc… and why clothes or hair doesn’t matter much.. (oh jeah, wrist: holding a sword? climb the rock? hello featherweight javelin!)


            3. See, that is again motion/physics, body dynamics… a scientist’s wiring! Also: functionality. It makes so much sense, and ir is such an interesting point you make – with the hands essay, perhaps it shows that Towanda and I, also in line with our chosen work fields, are wired more like storytellers?



      2. but you know what totally caught me? PP’s hands on the suit in the “suggestive post”, and this. I capped that from 2014. There’s a universal way of putting hands up that wires my brain completely… (and i think same goes for shoulder angles & head angles.. and because it didn’t strike me first here i’m missing the picture completely 🙂 )

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