[Me in the face of heteronormativity: possibly actual footage. – Rachael Tovey (Brünnhilde) gearing up for the Todesverkündigung in Wagner’s “Die Walküre”, Nuremberg 2014. – Photo Credit: Ludwig Olah]

The same “Are you kidding me?” look is happening for me today over Merkel’s swerve from “Nope” on marriage equality to “well… it’s a personal decision… plus there are great lesbian parents” (I paraphrase the gist of it).

Since all other parties worth noting have been pro-Marriage Equality for years (in some cases, attempting to change laws repeatedly to always be hung out to dry by Merkel’s party), they are saying, “Let’s do this, now.” And that, might, after nearly 20 years of awkward civilunionizing language, happen this Friday already, by parliament vote.

Wait, what.

It was the front headline for most of the day on most of the German news today, and while it is of course a tactical maneuver related to the autumn elections, it’s still nice that apparently, public opinion is by now more pro-queers than pro-reactionary enough to shift even Merkel’s posse into the 21st century.

So… by Friday night, I might actually be married to my “civilunionized same-sex life partner” of 8 years? (with more legal safety and recognition for the little valkyries, which is the core point for us) Well. I better saddle my horses for some hojotohoing.

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  1. Fingers crossed in New York, too, home to a lot of quote unquote liberal elites trying to forget that both the Clintons and the Obamas took a reeeeally long time to come to Jesus on this issue (sozusagen). Also that (at least initially) we were beaten by Iowa. Seriously. Iowa.

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          1. No Frills Amazon Army!
            (though if anyone wants frills, and ride into Battle as Grisette of the Apocalypse, by all means, be our guest)


          2. I’ve seen that story in a few places recently. Either way, certainly not too loaded with heteronormativity! 😉


  2. Dann, didn’t even listen to any news yesterday – so, surprise!! And being a Merkel (murky-el) watcher of some years I dare say she will drum up the necessary votes in that chauvinist party of hers coz she is their guarantee for another term in power (God help us!)
    From the heart of Europe, Eva


    1. Certainly a calculated power move, but if it leaves my family with less administrative struggle, I’ll take it, surprising as the sudden news are.

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  3. Still no official statement, but apparently (Tagesschau is already featuring it, s.b.), the parlament WILL hold a vote on marriage equality this Friday. (with a name-linked vote, too)

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    1. This is really amazing, its like a small revolution… let’s see if any of the conservatives vote in favour – I know of a few of their queer members of parliament who have been trying to achieve this for years – so they will hopefully show some character!


  4. watched the debate over breakfast. And the vote (393 to 226).
    (I am still quite overwhelmed)

    The biggest German news outlets (I am, on exception, including Bild, which is big, but not necessarily reports news) right now:

    (so far, no locust swarms have been seen flying over Germany. Also, no supervolcanos or suden solar eclipse.
    My wife (now also in Germany my wife ) and I may have been crying, the valkyries have declared the debate boooring and petitioned to be read the Smurfs instead, and in shocking gay agenda news, none of our straights friends is getting a divorce or ended up infertile in reaction.
    Tonight, there will be salad for dinner, it is 26°C outside, I am grading student papers and need to remember to pick up milk on my way home later. #Married)

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      1. Thank you!!
        Still quite overwhelmed and happy over here. Of course the conservatives are pondering a lawsuit regarding constitutionality, and it won’t be effective until November, and then we have to appear at the registrar’s office AGAIN (and probably pay fees, again), but… we will be plain married.

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  5. Oookay… what the F***, Photobucket? My account is 14% full and apparently they changed their conditions to “no 3rd party hosting” without a proper warning?! W. T. F.?
    Well, you have lost this potential customer for good with that way of sneaking in the policy. I might have considered paying if warned transparently, fairly and ahead of time, but like this, no thanks.

    So far, it seems the older links are not broken (i.e. my embeds from Photobucket up until this morning still seem to work. If you find any broken links in any post, let me know, and I will transfer the image from PB to WP, I still have space here.), but I will be on the lookout. Warning to anyone using Photobucket for storage and to tie in images on here or elsewhere: that seems to be impossible as of today.

    Correction: no, it seems my ENTIRE photobucket uploads linked to this blogs (a few hundred images) are now BLOCKED. I used to rely on Photobucket when I wanted to tie in larger amounts of photos, so that pertains e.g. to the recent Bridelli/FLores Cavalli analysis, to all the screenshots in liveblog comments, to most cooking recipe posts, and to all the sheenanigans surrounding the Brussels “Mitridate” (Giacomo Arbate!). I am LIVID. Transferring all these images manually to WP will be a lot of work, but I guess that is what I will be doing, bit by bit, while telling everyone to NEVER use Photobucket ever again. Just let me know if there are any posts you’d like to see transferred first.
    Man, did I mention that I am LIVID.

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    1. dropbox did a similar thing last Oct and all my music links stopped working… there were large complaints on internet.. but luckily someone 6 months later found a work-around.. but it still requires you to manually change *every* single link..
      I always thought the wp space was ok (in term of space they allow) for images and have never used other host before.. but jeah, big hassle to relink images after re-up them, poo to photobucket.


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