Upcoming Liveblog: The Paris “Cenerentola” (2017) on Saturday

[Ready for breaking the cage of patriarchy and class oppression over a favorite contralto in skirts? – Teresa Iervolino (Angelina) in Rossini’s “La Cenerentola”, Paris 2017.]

Rossini and Iervolino (side note: clear your travel schedules for her Arsace in Venice, Oct. 2018!) to close out regular liveblog season (we will resume in late July with the summer festival lore): See you this upcoming Saturday, July 1st, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2) for “La Cenerentola” from Opéra de Paris, given this past month.

The production has been livestreamed via Culturebox and is available as stream on demand, though only from within France. A 2-part copy has surfaced on YT (contact us for a link) that, at the moment, is still up, but may disappear at any moment. We do, however, have secured a White Shirt storage copy, if anyone should find themselves without a video come Saturday night.



16 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblog: The Paris “Cenerentola” (2017) on Saturday”

  1. Whohoa, it’s going to take place! If anything can reach me on the Tancredi cloud I’m still floating on, it’s going to be this! (Seriously, Tuesday’s performance was that magical, I’m still not sure it really happened, an absolutely stellar evening by both DB and JP).

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    1. omg, even *more* … aem.. in video!! yes, conveniently “auto-played” after Rosenkavalier.
      i also have to say Gaëlle Arquez’s English is *very* charming…
      “his first aria is his love confession to a tree” ❤

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