Sound and Clouds and Thunder (32)

[Sara Mingardo and Monica Bacelli with Monteverdi’s “Vorrei baciarti”. – Clip with thanks to gabriel*l*e]

Between DUP-ed Mayhem, Muslim Ban Light and another Twitter tantrum of the rotoundly immature and despicable, it’s been been the kind of week to crawl into a cave corner with some recent Jaroussky/Bartoli footage and have a good cry (which should never be the New Normal, although it has become a now frequent adequate reaction).

Yet it has also been – at least if you a German – a surprisingly and overwhelmingly gay week, with the German Parlament, after years of the conservatives blocking and stalling and stalling and blocking and discrimating queers time and again, has, in a surprose move, finally managed to pass Marriage Equality this morning. I dare you to find me a better reason to celebrate with a mezzo and contralto singing about kissing each other. In Italian.


17 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (32)”

    1. Hey, Pratt liked your Tweet, too! It’s really a nice way of giving back more directly to artists who are okay with that kind of online presence.

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    1. They will be, eventually, but I am sorry that it is taking so long and affecting years of your life you won’t get back.


    1. Yes, we got the rainbow bit this week. And now back to moving the storm clouds away for everyone (well, with exceptions for a certain posse)

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