Broken Photo Links


Chances are that when you have been browsing the blog archives this past week, you have come across this graphic (and the horrible pixelation isn’t mine, it’s theirs).

In a nutshell: Photobucket has, rather clandestinely, absolished third party hosting, declaring that one has to upgrade one’s account to a paid one to have one’s tied-in photo links work again.

I simply woke up last Friday to find my Photobucket-hosted images replaced by the fugly ransom note above. My account over there is at 14% usage and my images do – our circle is small – not see much traffic, plus all my albums are also marked as private, so it is not about bandwith, but about broad-scale bullying people into paid account.

Naturally, Photobucket will not see a cent of my money after this move and will not earn anything off me except for my eternal derision. This does, however, leave some blog posts with broken image links for now.

Some links to Phobucket still work, some do at least link to the right image on their storage website, and others are not even visible to myself when I log into my account (!) and while of course I did find a way around that eventually, it is still annoying and tedious.

All the more reason not to upgrade my account there, but to download all my photos from that site and store them on WordPress instead. That still requires – no thanks to Photobucket’s unwieldy surface – me going through every of my 1000+ images and manually download them one by one (and Photobucket isn’t even searchable inside my albums!). Then, since many of those photos are in a bigger png format, I’ll have to batch edit to jpg to save storage space, to then, one by one, match them to the broken entries here on Eye Bags. And I simply don’t have the time to do all of that at once. This will take months, and many of them.

When I started this blog, nearly ten years ago, WordPress came with 1 GB of data storage and I wasn’t sure whether that would be enough in the long run. So I hosted some images – especially larger collections for story or screencap posts – on an external Photobucket account and tied them in on the blog via links.

By now, and with a small paid account, WordPress is allotting a 6BG storage space to me, so everything should fit on here comfortably. What I don’t know is what posts I should take care of first, so please just let me know if you find one with broken links, and I will get to it as quickly as possible.


37 thoughts on “Broken Photo Links”

  1. Anik, if there’s any consolation, look at what *even* this post is suggesting as further reading! i’m speechless(ly happy) really. I think it’s time i visit these suggestions. (also, my free wp account allows me 3GB now, so i’m not risking yet.. if anythiing i might have to downsize my gif..)

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          1. (ps- can you see your post on the reader on the computer? i’m very curious what kind of suggestions you get.. or others get.. b/c i have a feeling WP is knowing me well 😉 , i think it “learned” from my Opera background image..)


            1. *Squeeeeeeeeealing*

              Has PK been in the house? Also, look at that channel name (thoseoftheliceufoundation areabunchoftyrants)- someone else disgruntled by the A/B cast mentality and the lack of broadcasting?!

              Meanwhile, ample thanks to the tyrant slayer who brings us a slice of Papatanasiu’s Elvira!


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            1. Nah, I keep it strictly to the stage/stage adjacent. 😉

              Private off-time pics (even if posted publicly, by the artist) are nothing I would comment on. I don’t feel comfortable contemplating them the way we dissect performance photos. (and I think there is a general issue with social media competence among artists when it comes to FB fan pages that start out as support circles of friends/colleagues/acquaintances and then grow to encompass total strangers when artist turns more famous, but not famous enough for a press rep. MP is commendably cautious with her kid, e.g., so I guess she makes conscious choices there? It’s a marketing tool, and sopranos get hired so much via looks. But even on a singer’s public account, for me personally, that’s material that is off limits.)


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            2. Oh, you know, that makes sense. I apologize, I had not really thought of that. And I think you’re right. You can delete my comment if you feel like you should, Anik, I’m cool with that.😊


            3. Just read the news on the Kos earthquake – if you hadn’t posted the pic, I wouldn’t be conscious of MP and her folks vacationing there. I hope everyone made it through unscathed.

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      1. jeah. i know. i was faced the same way with all my music links from dropbox. i did a replacement of about 1/2 of it (took me some 4 hours) about a month ago.. the other half are still empty… at least for me i didn’t have to move the file, jsut had to get new link and repost link (and that there were poeple out there who found out the syntax… so that i could post again music clip like today’s post.)
        And dropbox did it with some 6 months warning. Photobucket really has gone into business the wrong way. may be they’re losing business anyway and just thought to steal as much money as they can within the next few months before going bankrupt and the customers would have lost all their photos anyway..

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        1. yes, that is what it feels like.
          I am saving backwprds now, just made it to the loooong recnt Orphée post – would be a shame if all these images were lost!


          1. ohhhhh i remember that Orphée post!!!! soooo many gooooood greeeeaaaat captures!!! i wonder if dropbox also allows that sort of 3rd party posts.. i also read the sh*tty bucketcrap caused havoc on ebay and amazon, and all types of blogs/forums..


            1. there must be a lot of hiccups now, 3rd party hosting is basically what allowed PBucket to grow in the first place.


            2. now going through Fantasio… and some classics like this one (it was already called that, I don’t know why!)

              …and one for Agathe:

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            3. it might be time for a Capuleti relisten! (still criminal that there is no VK video…)


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