Sound and Clouds and Thunder (33)

[Leonie Rysanek (Ortrud) with “Entweihte Götter” from Wagner’s Lohengrin”, New York/Met 1982. Clip with thanks to TerminalEpistaxis]

If there is one instant thing to blast holes into buildings and into patriarchy at large, it might me Rysanek’s Ortrud (I managed to drown out the construction site next door. Go, Leonie!).

Since I am on vacation when this post will go up, and since I likely will have only spotty coverage, I probably won’t know in detail what 45 and his posse have been up to today (it’s G-20 week. What possibly could go wrong by introducing an ignorant narcissist with the impulse control of a 2-year-old into the mix?), but I think it is safe to say this clip fits the bill.

Governments may be on summer recess right night, but that’s no reason not to keep up the fire and fight. And we have enough Wagner for the entire summer to blast holes into assorted entitlement.



3 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (33)”

  1. I apologize profusely for the presence of the orange cheeto on your continent. so far he’s been rebuffed by Poland’s first lady and let his daughter sit in his place at the G20. Beyond that I cannot keep up.

    Go, Rysanek! Blast away!


    1. I am developing a grudging appreciation for Poland’s First Lady?

      (One of the best thing about being on vacation: barely any news access!)



      1. yeah that rebuff is perfect. 🙂 Also, the good thing about being at Synod doing only synod all the time was I had no idea really what was happening outside of that. 🙂


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