White Shirt Monday: Mezzo on the Bounty

[How to make any military movie more interesting: cast a mezzo in uniform in the lead. Caution: count on personal Nelson moment: Tancredi Trafalgar. – Daniela Barcellona (Tancredi) in Rossini’s “Tancredi”, Valencia 2017. – in-house Clip with thanks to Dillon Hayes, through a hint from Agathe]


18 thoughts on “White Shirt Monday: Mezzo on the Bounty”

    1. Oh. OH!

      (But then I would start minding that Tristan dies. And what then happens to poor Brangaene who never gets to run off with Isolde? 😉 )



      1. [same] and [same]

        PS, Stray, I’ve been trying to leave comments on your blog but blogger apparently doesn’t love me anymore, even though I’m trying to comment with my blogger ID. Sigh.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. I’ve had the same issue a while back, but it’s been giving me trouble for years. Definitely not your fault, Stray.


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