Broken Photo Links, II

An update on the broken photo link front: I have begun to repair posts by downloading parts of my photo library from the Hoster-Who-Shall-Not-be-Named, then going through posts one by one and restoring images by uploading them directly to WordPress.

It is tedious, annoying and takes a lot of time.

Yesterday, it took me nearly two hours to restore the big recent Orphée post, e.g. – downloading all the post caps from F*ckbucket, batch convert them to a smaller size, then go through the post code (where, by magic, had also appeared hundreds of blank spaces, making  for neverending scrolls between pictures which I had to take out by hand – I also blame it on my previous hoster) because of course not even *I* can see my own linked photos any longer, so I had manually look up each title, then locate the saved file and reupload it to WP and insert it the approriate place.

I have no idea how long this entire operation will take me (right now, it is eating up my saved little bit of summer writing/blogging time) or whether I will even manage to do it completely, but at least the recent big screencap posts should be done this summer.

For now, I have repaired the entire Writing Desk, the bigger recent opera posts (“Giasone” still pending), one post specifically for Agathe, and will get to the less photo-intensive kitchen section next. And then it will be going back post by post, trying to see whether there are any broken links.

One large apparatus concerns the readers who stop by here for the old “Terapia d’urgenza” screencap recaps – there are hundreds of screencaps in there, all carefully tied into my commentary posts. And now *all* the links are broken. And I sincerely do not know when and if I will get to repairing the damage done there because these posts are very image-heavy.

Of my nearly 1800 images uploaded to F*ckbucket, I have about 700 downloaded already. There is no batch download, so I need to open and download each of them separately, often without being able to see the actual image – just the ransom note – so that makes sorting the images harder. Overall, restoring to posts is turning out to be easier because I can upload to them directly, while restoring to comments is really tiresome, since it requires me to go through single comments, open them to edit, then upload the media file to the WP library in a separate step to then insert the new link into the comment syntax.

Summary: we’ll be here for a while.

If you stumble upon any broken links and are looking for the photos, leave me a comment with the link below and I’ll put that post/comment on the list.

PS. Just for your amusement: the new F*ckbucket Plan system has three options, Called P50, P100 and P500 – and only the ($400 (!!) per year) 500 plan allows for 3rd party hosting, the first two are mainly for storage. I predict a raging success story among their client base.

7 thoughts on “Broken Photo Links, II”

  1. Thank you so much for the work, Anik. What would we do without your hilarious and incisive screencap reviews, longing looks, and all the hannnnds?

    This PB ridiculousness also hit my dad on a massive scale (1000s of photos, almost a decade of documentary work), and he doesn’t have anything close to the technical know-how to fix it on his own. That falls to the techy daughter to fix. 😀 😀 😀 Kill me now. Fortunately, he’s also wealthy enough to pay the ransom fee to buy us a year to fix it, if necessary. It’ll still be a rush to get it done, but I’ll take it. I don’t expect the company to survive this money grab and be here in another year anyway, so it has to be done one way or another.

    Let us know if we can do anything to help you other than cheer you on and be profoundly grateful for the effort.


    1. Thank you, GGeek. And I am so sorry for your dad – if I’m already cursing, I don’t know what he must feel like. Good thing he has a tech-savvy child!
      This money grab seems so disproportionate ($400?!) and so desperate in its clandestine play-out… ugh. Well, we did lose most of our Anniversary Screencap Rewatch, all the comment photos are now dead ends. And when I discovered the entire TdU recaps earlier, I needed a minute to sit down and cry in a corner. People still come by to read these, and they were so much work… Ah well. At least I get to reconnect with older writings that I didn’t look at in years! (though I honestly don’t know whether and if I will ever finish to restore everything)


  2. Hi,

    I have been Go**ling for sometime to find a quick solution. The below 2 links looks very promissing. I think they’ll do the trick for you. I suppose Dr. T. might be more helpful regarding Linux. The second link recommends a ‘trusted’ plug-in called “better search and replace” for you to change your PB links. I am not able to try and see if these two options work really (I neither have a WP blog, nor a PB account). Hope this helps. Good luck.



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  3. Good news to those affected: PB now has a “download album” function – still not working for me (apparently they send you a zip link with bigger albums), but apparently, there has been one added. Well, at least that. Still doesn’t eliminate the sorting and re-uploads, but it would save a lot of time on downloading the individual images!

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