Upcoming Liveblog: The Aix Carmen (2017) on Saturday

[Reasons for Carmen to take the tie off the tenor to put it on the pantsuited lady in the background: Let me Count The Ways. Stéphanie d’Oustrac (Carmen), Michael Fabbiano (José) and I really hope that’s Mercédès there in the background, in Tcherniakov’s therapy take on “Carmen”, Aix-en-Provence 2017. – Photo Credit. Festival Aix-en-Provence, and I would have loved to get a more detailed credit, but the Aix production website keep crashing my browser]

Time to get onto the festival season bounty!

For starters, it’s the Aix “Carmen”, because d’oustrac in tank tops and ladies in pantsuits and throwing shade at patriarchy and toxic masculinity, this upcoming Saturday, Aug. 5th, at the customary hour of 9 p.m. (UTC+2).

Whether we are with Tcherniakov or against him still remains to be determined – we’ll see who lines up on the dartboard side of patriarchy there.

(bring your darts)

42 thoughts on “Upcoming Liveblog: The Aix Carmen (2017) on Saturday”

    1. we shall simply ignore the tenor as much as possible and come up with alternative plotlines.
      (hey, if someone were cast as Micaëla, that would make a lovely outfit. And alternative plotline)

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          1. and to petition for S.Mingardo’s Galatea to eventually make it to our liveblog list 😉 . at least with the Torino version you’ll really get to see if is suitable for a certain someone..

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      1. The Salzburg one! I thought it was Glyndebourne, too.

        Geoblocked all over Europe, it seems, and for US audiences only?


          1. I shouldn’t reply to comments on mobile, sorry.

            I will try the Medici link tonight, also the Glyndebourne one. And I think this is something J. might post?



          1. Thank you, Brigitte!
            Glyndebourne was accessible (thank you, Glyndebourne!), and now I’ll try the ORF – since I don’t watch TV or follow the program, this possibility didn’t even occur to me.

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          1. yes, Sellars did his own video directing and he did it in the style of a sports or pop concert transmission – very freestyle, poor camera people!


          2. Oh, I didn’t know that. Should be interesting if we watch that together, as an additional comment level (documentary, perhaps, in relation to his concept?)


        1. my feelings about the production are a bit ambigous but the singers were fantasic. The c minor mass inserts were fitting and I love this music anyway (was the first lp record I owned with Stich Randall). And – I discovered another adorable mezzo: Jeanine De Bique!


  1. Sounds like fun! Would love to join, but will be taking the little one to his first dyke march (if it’s not too smokey). I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for future liveblogs!

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    1. We’ve been throwing together together a post with future liveblog plans, and I’ll try to keep that up to date, so perhaps that will help a bit. Dyke marches are of course the one thing that Carmen is severely lacking and one can never start soon enough with that. Go, Ed jr., and have fun!

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    I will be in town for a week (annual rank promotion 🌟is due) and I would like to complete the upcoming liveblog list items while I still have broadband access with prying eyes. I have almost completed the list except few. Would it be too much to ask for the directions of this Magic channel of yours? It would save me a lot of time. But that’s completely fine if you cannot share info.



    1. Congratulations on your promotion then!

      As mentioned a few days ago, the Magic Channel has suffered a severe blow, with the core outlet eliminated and the second on lockdown. There is an additional smaller reservoir (not verz related, I am afraid, to the liveblog suggestions), but since we do not know the kind and generous person who hosts it, none of us knows how things will progress. To protect the host and their work, we don’t post any of their links publicly any longer, and only only pass on the knowledge in offblog emails with petitions to please guard the secret for the sake of the entire opera crowd.

      I could send you the link to the remaining outlet to the email address visible to me with the comment you made.



  3. (I think my previous comment is lost in WPsphere.) Thank you for your kind words on my promotion. I’d love to get the link and I’ll treat it accordingly. The people I socialize and work with have no interest in opera whatsoever. So, no worries about me sharing the links (Nonetheless, I would not share it no matter what). But, I am planning to translate librettos in my native language and I am having second thoughts about uploading them into any major video-sharing websites after reading what has happened to the magic channel(s).



    1. I will send you an offblog email, then. Wanted to make sure this was ok.

      Yes, the Cease-and-Desist hunting attitude of the major video platforms is disheartening – all algorithm, no common sense, all money concerns, no thought of education and need of culture. Luckily, our Magic Channel person has not been discouraged yet.


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