Blue Suit Tuesday


[Did someone say Blue Suit Tuesday? – Myrtò Papatanasiu (Sifare) in Mozart’s “Mitridate”, Brussels 2016.]

(This was the first Blue Suit ™ image in my blog material folder, filed under the caption “If this is the cleaning plan for this shared seria apartment, I am not moving in.”)

Either way, thadieu challenged me to it, so there you go. – Your move, Dr. T.!

60 thoughts on “Blue Suit Tuesday”

          1. (argh, help, am searching for schedule for next Jan but just confirmed it’s not easy to search through the blog 🙂 , just trying to sort out which dates MP is singing in Jan….)


            1. thanks! almost panic moment 😉
              (but that schedule post didn’t show up in the Theater an der wien “search” for some reason.
              phew, am happy. i can make as far as i know.. just have to be in the office 2nd week of that month…)


            2. let’s hope MP piks up a few more Vienna gigs along the way and we can call it a week again! Konzerthaus chamber hall for something avantgarde or a little Baroque recital. 😉

              (the TADW website is a mess, I don’t find much any longer, and it wasn’t stellar before their latest “upgrade”)


        1. I think my first thought was “it is a shame that 45 has ruined that tie color for the time being”, but cleaning was not really high on my list.

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            1. Like with Semiramide, do 2 nights in a row?
              (If Agathe gets to nominate 3 Barcellonas, you still have one ACA to go!)

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    1. (and you might have known her also from the Orfeo production where Eurydice was in a coma? that was a really effective one too.., that’s where I knew of her first.. followed by the armor suit in Les Troyens)

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          1. Do you have that one on hold? i don’t have a copy… I will edit the list later in the office, then. Devieilhe! We will have to alert Lang.


            1. I know there *is* video, it was a Monnaie production, and OperaPlatform still has an excerpt up, but that’s about the extent of what I’ve seen.



            2. oh, that referred to the Orphée, now I get it! Great, I’ll amend the list then. (though we will have to do this one with a warning, I guess, because Castellucci is a bit borderline for some, and his works can be hard to take in?)


            3. oh, which one were you asking? i have all the ones i suggested on this comment section 🙂

              (i remember watching that Orphée quite a few times back in 2014, and even used her “Quel nouveau ciel pare ces lieux” for my slideshow on the boat that year!)


            4. the Orphée and the Troyens!
              (did I forget one? I am just editing the wishlist post…)
              oh, do you know when/where the Troyens happened?


            5. jeah, it was “the” career breakout for her. and that JEGardiner gave her the suggestion and the role. After that she stayed quite royal to him. There was an occasion when she was offered the title role of Carmen at Bastille or Garnier and the house pulled the contract from JEG and after learning that she pulled out. Later on he then invited her for the Opera Comique Carmen.

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            6. that is some musketeer attitude right there. (possibly swooning a little). Loyalty has a high price in the business. Inspiring to see that some are willing to pay it.

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              yes, that one – with Gauvin (also de Bique), whose Vitellia was my reason to get the ticket. C minor Mass bits, I can appreciate. But it'll be a concert version anyway (not that things being concert versions would ever stop Gauvin from burning the stage to a crisp, much like Prina).

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  1. ps- now i get it, blue suit is checking out our liveblog list, and realizing Paris/Brussels were not originally mentioned 😉
    (and also thought: hmm, Alcina.. and Gluck’s Iphigenie.. i have offline copies.. i should give those to them..)

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    1. then again, whom are we kidding, someone doesn’t even host the show clips that *are* available publicly 😉


  2. Umm, you may want to consider editing/deleting this line starling with ‘Gesendet: Mittwoch, 09. August 2017 um ……’ just saying.



    1. I should have known you would have it… thank you, Lang. thadieu is already helping me out. It is too bad that our liveblog dates are so incompatible with your timezone, it would be great to do that one with you when we get to it.


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