Sound and Clouds and Thunder (38)

[François Le Roux (General Boum Boum) in Offenbach’s “La Grande-Duchesse du Gérolstein”, Clip with thanks to bigpinkypig]

…and this is just about all I have to say this week.

Well, this and “Are you f*cking kidding me?”

(and I will leave the rest to Dame Felicity Lott)

28 thoughts on “Sound and Clouds and Thunder (38)”

    1. only just read it – what a nightmare.

      I used to think that fascism was linked to poverty, despair and lack of education and opportunity, but apparently, you can also forsake your humanity out of privilege, egoism, fear and greed.

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        1. but it can’t be all there is! it isn’t.
          But those are really images that are hard to assimilate.
          I hope your friends are holding up okay.

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          1. they are holding up ok though shaken by the murder for sure, and the high degree of armed white supremacists. It’s not all there is of course. As a student of mine said, “it’s blood all the way down,” and it is. and I add to that, and it’s resistance all the way down too. certainly seeing that today, and though it can be hard to tell, the resistance actually was very successful today.

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            1. As thadieu said, hard to believe it is 2017. good to remember that democracy is constant work by all of us and cannot be taken for granted (and there is another issue of restricted access to weapons, and one about dismantling toxic masculinity and raising people not into a feudal patriarchy, but into independent and critical thought and the shared ethos of equality)


        2. hope your friends are ok Towanda. quite crazy to think this is 2017.. (or perhaps i’ve been too much in hiding to be shocked by this…)
          They do walk about in their armors like that Anik. There was a case they almost walked though our university here last year too, but luckily were removed on public safety (if i recall correctly) ground.


            1. Would be right along with you or at least send you a thermos with cocoa to take along. Please be safe, while you are doing the visibility work for those who live equality!

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          1. I think I read about that incident. I am already lost at the point where private people can own weaponry – one can be a ‘sport shooter’ also in Europe and apply for a license, but not with a semi-automatic!


  1. It has just become the No. 1 headline on the central German news site. Something about driving a car into the crowd? (into the anti-nazi crowd!?)


      1. I cannot believe this. Terrorism.
        And I will be following that trial closely.
        – not helping anything with the tremendous loss, but there is an idea for a replacement statue: a group of everyday people standing up to the hatred and believing in same rights for everyone.


    1. Yes. Militia armed and armored to protect the white supremacists. and the police did nothing (not entirely true, they threatened the peaceful anti-racists with arrest).


      1. I really do not understand how police works in this context – as an institution, I can logically see where a certain leaning towards established order may stem from, but this moves beyond that. I see it over here with the blurring border into private security, but even that does not move beyond unconstitutional mercenary status.


        1. my understanding is that they have the right to march (free speech, 1st amendment). and mixing that with the right to bear arms. i don’t know if Virginia allows open-carry , it seems so because they’re all carrying huge guns in the open… I don’t think the police can do anything about that (?) if that in fact is the law , hence cannot make arrest. On the other hand, if an anti-racist protester hurl objects at the racists, he/she can get arrested…

          I think the presence of the police in this case (riot police) was due to the expected violent breakouts between them and anti-racist counter-protestors.. unfortunately once violence broke out and if you’re caught in the middle you might get arrested or even shot, regardless of whether you’re there as a peaceful citizen.. I was very surprised that luckily there were no gun fights (!!) .. If anything, I think the town could not anticipate and did not have the human resources to keep things under control due to the massive amount of racists descending into town.., not until state emergency was declared (and to then have the actual military troops moving in). The fact that you can just wake up any day here in the US and have this happening in your town is reprehensible..

          and sadly, these types of hatred are being normalized by the pretentious message from the same authority that encourages intolerance and violence…


          1. yes, that is the main problem – ingraining acceptance of violence into a system. I get how it works on a legal level (though I hadn’t sat down to parse through it – you are right, it does come down to legislation and then being the executive branch of it, which remains an ethical challenge by the nature of the beat), but I puzzle over the systematic/infrastructural/ethical pitfalls of “police” as force in the US context, trying to pinpoint why its role in events is more than just occasionally something that appears worrisome to me.

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        2. I just wanted to add a couple of things for your comment, Anik, and thả diều’s too. In the US the history of policing is rooted in slave patrols (tracking enslaved folks trying to get free and returning them to the enslavers, sometimes torturing and/or killing them) and has always existed to reinforce and protect white supremacist power. I don’t know how policing works in countries but that’s here. So folks of color are not at all surprised to see police in Charlottesville stand down when white supremacists are threatening and perpetrating harm. (the comparisons to how police responded to the Ferguson uprising, totally unarmed, are apt, and it’s what I’ve seen in Denver as well). i could say more but don’t really want to draw unwanted attention here so won’t. but you might check out the documentary “13th” for some of these dynamics (on netflix if you have access).

          I’d also add that anti-racist organizers on the ground in Charlottesville have been working for a few months in preparation for last weekend’s resistance. They told city officials over and over that the white supremacists would show up intending violence and were ignored.

          also the California ACLU made a public statement today that “speech” intended to harm/incite violence like that of the white supremacists in CVille is not protected (going against the national ACLU).

          i guess that’s enough for now. i’m so appreciative of this space where i can show up in the fullness of who i am, fiercerevwhiteshirtfangirl, all of it. ❤

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          1. thanks Towanda. just wanted to add i was discussing with our researcher here, how at first i was “surprised” that there wasn’t a shootout.. and i realized why.. (now to look at something completely different: the women’s march national-wide and it was peaceful.. and there was even discussion back then, or reminder in the back of my head, that it was partially exceedingly “peaceful” with no arrest because of race — the police treats people of different race differently). In any case, if we swapped skin color in the event this past weekend one could likely have seen significant bloodshed and the massive amount of arrest..


            1. It is a chilling thought, but I believe you are absolutely right in that response to a non-white march would have been far different.


          2. Thank you for explaining the structure and the background, I did not know that piece of history. I wanted to reply something about the history of police as an institution in Europe, and realized I don’t know nearly enough about that, either.
            It is hard to assimilate for me how the institutional history may continuously be shaping the institution, from the looks of it – it is likely similar over here, though I do not have the distance to be able to gain a better perspective on that. Police in Europe developed from civic administration, in its self-image, as far as I understand. I thought the feudal guard system (also bound to territories) might play into it, but that might be closer linked to military history. Either way, it seems to be more linked to maintaining order as an abstract concept as opposed to to a personal concept? I really need to read up on this.

            A different issue is the positioning of race and ethnicities in European history because it has been predominantly (though by no means exclusively) white, with ethnicity, faith and nationality being more of a factor for repression than race.


          3. thả diều your comparison is right on. another space folks are referencing is Standing Rock, where indigenous resistance consisted of prayers.

            lots of folks in the streets here today (though not me). ❤


  2. Just heard about Charlottesville, this is all so scary and shockingly real. My deepest solidarity to everyone in the US, and please make sure you’re safe, Towanda and thadieu.


  3. fwiw, my late uncle was born into the ranks of white patrician segregationist Charlottesville, and his lovely and charming white/black/hispanic grandson not long ago married a lovely and charming man from a Spanish-speaking immigrant family. Upshot: our white anglo closeted holidays of 40 years ago are now multiracial, 50/50 English/Spanish, and out. This is how it works here. This is how it has always worked here — at varying speeds and with different identities — and even the country club frat boy fascists can’t change that. They know it and it makes them crazy.

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    1. thanks for the ray of light, stray.

      But that is the solution out of systematic fronts, isn’t it? To know someone personally, through other ties, as human being to human being. And that’s the basic human decency (how ever it may be motivated evolutionarily) and social intelligence that, thankfully, breaks through at the most unexpected places and out of nowhere. Perhaps why systematic racists/chauvinists are so bent on separation: to not have people meet.

      Looking at my own family, they went from religiously motivated homophobic to cheering for marriage equality in a span of two decades, so familiarity and time seem to be factors indeed. Mind you, they still could be less xenophobic and more gender-aware, but as all of us, they’re a work in progress.

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