White Skirt Wednesday: Got A Light?

[Murder Plotting over raised eyebrow: handbag must fit smokes, gun, and a lighter. – Alice Coote (Vitellia) in Mozart’s “La Clemenza di Tito”, Glyndebourne 2017.]

(No, I don’t plan on being over this in the foreseeable future. And if the handbag is a must, I propose an entire series featirung it, and Coote’s facial expressions (plus shades), called “Murder She Sang”. Could be set in the Glyndebourne countryside. Or in the ROman countryside. Must contain at least three mezzos per episode, though, with a minimum of one of them in a  trouser role.)

8 thoughts on “White Skirt Wednesday: Got A Light?”

  1. Hello! I used to read your lovely blog a lot, then someone mentioned Takarazuka in a comment on it and I fell down that time- and money-consuming rabbit hole of onstage genderfuckery. Now I got the idea to stream opera and zuka double features and I thought some of your readers might be interested. I hope it’s ok for me to advertise it here. Feel free to remove my comment or point people my way as you like. Here’s the tumblr post I made about my stream ideas:


  2. I’m pretty sure you’re already working on one of your infamous screencap “re-tellings” for “Murder She Sang,” featuring said handbag and it’s accompanying #MezzoSwagger.

    Aren’t you? (please say yes)

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