Video Alert: Waltraud Meier Documentary

[Waltraud Meier, telling the assistant on duty how she’s staging her final Kundry appearance while sort of wearing plaid, aka things are as God has intended at Berlin/Staatsoper 2016.]

Fine, Waltraud Meier hasn’t been billed as mezzo in quite a while, though she hasn’t been billed anything but “Waltraud Meier” since expanding from Kundry to Isolde – both parts which she has retired last year, and ARTE has a documentary on it worth watching even if you don’t understand German or French because it is Waltraud Meier.

So, yes, there are some old white cis dudes mansplaining Meier a bit…

white dude talk.jpeg

…but there is also Adrianne Pieczonka, quite literally starring as the Marschallin (also, wearing a leopard print jacket. But I digress):


But most of all, there is lots and lots of Waltraud Meier:

erlier kundry.jpeg

Waltraud Meier: a bit of earlier Kundry (I believe?). I was too distracted by the image to jot down the specifics.

tcherniakov kundry.jpeg

Waltraud Meier in her final Kundry appearance in the Tcherniakov staging for Staatsoper Berlin, 2016.

cherau elektra.jpeg

There are a few glimpses of her Klytämnestra in the Chéreau production (here with the Elektra of Evely Herlitzius), including rehearsal footage with Chéreau (premiered 2013, touring since)

Then there are some fascinating snippets from an acting/embodiment masterclass she taught together with Chéreau’s assistant at a remote French abbey, and some equally challenging interview bits on self and other in performance.

And the masterclass footage features this interestingly dark-voiced young singer, whose name isn’t given, but where can I hear on a stage, please?

masterclass chereau.jpeg

Chéreau Method, TNG.

isolde milan chereau.jpeg

…and I dare you not to tear up at the footage of her final Munich Isolde (this still is from the 2009 Chérau-staged Isolde in Milan, with Matti Salminen as Marke, and I love it to pieces, even though it something straight and Wagner, largely because she absolutely made me root for it).

47 thoughts on “Video Alert: Waltraud Meier Documentary”

  1. Sniff, that final Isolde curtain!
    And who is that workshop singer, indeed! I swear, I forgot you captured her here, only saw it now scrolling trough again, but she stood out directly, great voice and stage presence!
    (And I vote for Flimm for the trophy of most embarrassing mansplaining)

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            1. it is not spectacularly brilliant or thought-provoking in staging, and Meier sings better than her Tristan, BUT it is precisely crafted, so very ‘true’, in a way, that it just got me. I wrote my Tristan variation during a time where I had watched this production.

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    1. Oh, OH!!!! I knew she felt familiar somehow! The Emo Manga Ramiro from the Aix Giardiniera with Devieilhe!!!
      God, why ever did the give her a wig instead of a ponytail there. *off searching YT for other shows*

      Liked by 1 person

            1. yes, this one (and given the excerpts from the documentary, the wig was a CRIME):


              of course, as far as Giardinieras go, there is also the one with this Ramiro:

              …and the musically most beguiling may just the the Lille take conducted by Haïm where Ramiro is Chappuis in shorts and with a tennis racket, and Armida is “It’s complicated, but sort of adorabe, too”:

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            2. the Aix one? Fine with me! There are some cuts, and some bits have been moved around, but it’s nice to watch (and it should remind me that I want to continue “Stages”, if only I had the time).

              Let me update that liveblog list.

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            3. the Haïm one is another one, the Aix is conducted by I think some guy with a German name I forgot. I would also absolutely watch the Haïm. It is so, so charming.

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            4. (ah ok, i get it. let’s get started with our dark voice mezzo! seems like we have multiple options then! let me search who the trousers in that one was…
              great, i just saw there are quite a few versions on dvd.. including Donose’s leather!)


            5. oh, that one has Nikiteanu. Interesting take on the Ramiro/Arminda dynamic, from the staging I mostly remember Barren Twigs, but that is a pretty solid one, too.


            6. next week, I can’t make Sunday, so it might be you and me on Sat with Bridelli’s Ernesto (I think Agathe is still unavailable next Sat?), or we arrange something for Friday…?

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            7. let us tentatively put Bridelli’s Ernesto down? i should read up as it s supposed to have at least 3 mezzos right? or 2 at least (Beaumont with the butcher’s knife left a long lasting image in my head). Yheb we can sort out if we can all do Frid?


            8. We can sort schedules and program out with Agathe tonight, and then make either Fri together, or you and me and a gaggle o mezzos on Sat. (Are there any tenor arias in the Serse? 😉 ).


            9. (i can’t remember, but i know there is a bass.. coz i was thinking: this “guy” better not sing high (rolling up sleeves ready to steam) and hurrah, he sang very low 😉 )


          1. btw, do you still happen to have the Salzburg De Bique Show on DB? towanda just asked over in the other thread, I think the sense of style has convinced her!
            Otherwise I could downsize my copy and upload it.


            1. Thank you, and sorry to bother (and yes, I’ve got lime green & everything saved away! I always try to do it immediately, I’m used to little space on there)


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