Foil Song

Watch. This. Right. Now.

(The well-known Foil Song from Verdi’s “Don Carlos”. Elīna Garanča (Eboli), Paris/ONP 2017. – Clip with thanks to Opéra national de Paris. Uploaded just in time for Coming Out Day. How convenient.)

Pertinent Questions:

  • Why did no one tell me that Krzysztof Warlikowski is a lesbian?
    (yes, we will have to address the festishizing of lesbian iconography, and for which gaze, and through utilizing which imageries of het-aligned power, but right now, props to even knowing said iconography)
  • Why did it take until 2017 to address Eboli’s obvious gayness in a mainstream production? (waving 20+ year old notes and yelling “told you so!” right now)
  • How will anyone every be able again to argue against said gayness with a straight face?
  • Where can I find an ice bucket and a cold drink, please?


10 thoughts on “Foil Song”

  1. also hyped in a very surface glossy “Artist of the Week” spotlight at Operawire (, which would of course not name the fact that Ms. G. has ever sung anything not a cishet female. *insert eyeroll*

    So… when’s that first Amneris? It’s about time Rhadames ends up alone in that tenor tool tumb on his own while Amneris puts all that UST with Aida to good use towards an Egyptian-Ethopian peace treaty via princess marriage. *lines up for popcorn*

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  2. well, i finally dug up the courage to press play on the Garanca’s clip.. that was interesting! i had to shake head back and forth to remind self which role this is (because there’s also a trouser in here no? )


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