White Skirt Wednesday: Give That Woman A Cigar

[Strasbourg is indeed looking very lovely this time of year. – Raffaela Milanesi (Giunone) and Vivica Genaux (Diana) in Cavalli’s “La Calisto”, Strasbourg 2017.]

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (22)

[All the energy and sheer joy of music-making you’ll need to make it through another week of 45ish Dystopia and other countries willfully abolishing democratic structures (and Heaven only knows what the French will choose today on that front), packed into 6 minutes: Diana Haller (Ariodante) with Ruggiero’s “Sta nell’Ircana” from Handel’s “Alcina”, Stuttgart 2015- – Clip with thanks to Vesna Zelic]

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Wrestling Rousseau: “Ariodante” in Stuttgart


To get this out of the way: no, this evening is not like “Alcina” (nothing will ever be like that formative “Alcina”), but if the legendary “Alcina” is one Baroque bookend of Wieler’s Stuttgart years, then this “Ariodante”, staged by Wieler and Morabito. may well be the other.

The concept looks at the intersection of class and enlightenment thought, juxtaposing baroque affect against classicist emotion and the question of identity warred between them. Literally: in a boxing/wrestling arena.

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White Shirt Monday: Velvet Jacket Tales


[“Whom are you calling shuffled to pageboy state, lalala, I cannot hear you over the sound of being fabulous in velvet down to the tips of my shoes”: Hibla Gerzmava (Anna) and Martina Belli (Smeton) in Donizetti’s “Anna Bolena”, Milan 2017.  – Photo Credit: Marco Brescia, Rudy Amisano]

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