I have no idea what is going on here but I am all for it


So… Anna Bonitatibus has a new website?

The current cover graphic of which is announing a concert tour/CD release for Oct. 2017, with something-something trouser repertory? Maybe? (define ‘en travesti’. plus: rainbows!) Either way: sign me up.

Also, uncasual reminder that #Silla2018 starts in October 2017 already, and we’re going to liveblog the living, dead and immortal daylights out of that Kratzer production for La Monnaie, and Bonitatibus’ Cecilio – on ARTE Concert Nov. 9th, on Monnaie streaming Dec. 5th to 25th.


Blog Restoration – Done! (mostly)

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The blog restoration – caused by F*ckbucket changing their 3rd party hosting policy earler this summer – has now been largely finished (I have stopped counting the hours I’ve had to put into it), including the picture-heavy comment thread of Mitriversary The First (I am already looking forward to the second). And these photos above aren’t even a fifth of the caps involved in that thread.

There are only bits and pieces missing now in photo links, mostly the occasional screencap in a comment. You’re welcome to point any such incidents out to me, and I will fix them.

I have also repaired the entirety of the cap-heavy Marina/Esther posts, including the episode screenshot collections and the Against The Withdrawals “fotonovelas”. Turns out that with the layout change, the caps are now twice the size for your perusal in displaying.

Happy (and hopefully unperturbed) reading!



Video Alert: Waltraud Meier Documentary

[Waltraud Meier, telling the assistant on duty how she’s staging her final Kundry appearance while sort of wearing plaid, aka things are as God has intended at Berlin/Staatsoper 2016.]

Fine, Waltraud Meier hasn’t been billed as mezzo in quite a while, though she hasn’t been billed anything but “Waltraud Meier” since expanding from Kundry to Isolde – both parts which she has retired last year, and ARTE has a documentary on it worth watching even if you don’t understand German or French because it is Waltraud Meier.

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Upcoming Liveblog: Handel’s “Serse” (Dresden 2000) on Sunday


[#KlingonOpera (it is  the high foreheads, I swear) –  Paula Rasmussen (Serse) and Ann Hallenberg (Arsamene) in Handel’s “Serse”, Dresden 2000]

By urgent petition, it is time for a double-mezzo double-trouser bill with Handel’s “Serse”, this Sunday, Sept. 17th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2).

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Trousers-if-only Tuesday


[So. Crébassa is singing neither Andronico, nor Tamerlano in the new Scala “Tamerlano” (I would be smoking, too, given the news), but I will pretend this can mean Charleston, speakeasy scenes and Wenn die beste Freundin instead, while Tamerlano hooks up with Andronico. – Marianne Crébassa (Irene) in Handel’s “Tamerlano”, Milan 2017. – Photo Credit: Marco Brescia & Rudy Amisano]

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