60.000 hits – when did that happen?

Quite a few views have rushed past since the last “Hits” edition, so it’s high time to take another look at what brings people over here – and whether I meet those search terms, could meet them better and, in some cases, wondering how those search terms brought people over here in the first place.

As always, there have been inquiries about opera (most prominently: Malena Ernman, Jonas Kaufman, “is Kasarova gay”, the flower duet and “was Tatiana Troyanos a lesbian?”), about getting a Ph.D., about lesbians  (once more, lesbians with glasses seem to be the new black!) and about a certain Italian TV show.

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Marina/Esther – against the withdrawals II

[Marina/Esther, Halloween Über Edition. Courtesy of AuntieCallisto]

If you take something away from lesbians, they will protest. They will demand it back, start a signature campaign and make fan videos about it. In fact, there have been more fan works this week than ever before.  Now that’s what I call spirit! – Welcome to the second Marina/Esther Withdrawals edition.

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Mezzo Alert: Shoulders of the Season

Since this blog seems to be incapable of going on for longer spans of time without posting something about Malena Ernman, here’s a look at what the Swedish top mezzo is up to this season. (Also, I simply needed an excuse to post that screenshot from “Hercules” again.)

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Mt. Privilege: rants and rents

Sometimes, things just turn out right. — No, my supervisors haven’t suddenly decided to read my pages and meet with me to talk to me about them. That would certainly be expecting too much.

But last week – I was in the middle of prepping my Wednesday morning class that I teach for the honor of teaching it – the institute’s secretary called. “Yes, we’ve got ten hours spare here, can you come by with the necessary papers tomorrow?”

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Mezzo Alert: Kasarova in the kitchen (now with all 6 clips, thanks to Smorg!)

International German news and culture channel Deutsche Welle is currently airing a six-part feature on Bulgaria by filming a trip of Kasarova to her native country, as previously reported by Inma. And as a good international culture channel would do, DW is streaming these videos for free online.

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