Mezzo Alert: more reasons to rejoyce

Via Joyce DiDonato’s blog, there’s rumors (and photos) of a new recording project, adding to the list of DiDonato highlights to look out for in upcoming months.

For one, there is the Handel Mad Scenes project called “Furore”, which I already mentioned before. DiDonato said that there was filming involved during the wrap-up, and that she was excited about the cover art. So are we.

Secondly, there’s a chance to catch DiDonato’s debut as Donna Elvira in Mozarts”s “Don Giovanni” live in theatres across Europe on sept. 8th, as the ROH Covent Garden follows the MET in broadcasting select performances into cinemas worldwide. (Talk about no pressure for a role debut. Wheow.)

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From Anik’s Kitchen: Zucchini Pancakes

This recipe has become a standard for Sunday brunch ever since I stumbled over it at HomeMadeS via Foolforfood. The origin of this dish seems to lay somewhere within Nigel Slater’s “The Kitchen Diaries”, but since I never figured out when the cheese and the egg go into the mixture – to use one of my favorite Spanish words, ¿eing? – I made up my own variation along the way, which Ngf has tried and approved.

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Contralto Watch #1: Marijana Mijanovic

mjnvc header

We’re expanding (the photo will, too, if you click it). — Where there is room for mezzos, there needs to be room for contraltos, as well. For anything that roughly falls into the “tall, dark, I-faint-at-her-chest-notes” category. And there’s no better start than Marijana Mijanovic, whom you seem to like just as much as I do: When I checked the search engine terms this morning, “Mijanovic” came up right behind “Malena Ernman” and “mezzo watch”.

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