Una volta c’era una dottoressa…

On of my most striking experiences while living in Italy as a student (during the first Berlusconi reign – I relate with no pleasure that we have since advanced to the third) was the complete invisibility of lesbians. Mind you, I was living in Bologna (aka the Italian Berkeley) where a quarter of the population consisted of students, and still there were days where I felt like the only lesbian on the planet, even when I went out in full “visibility mode”.

So imagine my delighted surprise when I saw that public Italian TV Channel Rai Due had commissioned an Italian version of “Hospital Central” (the Spanish version of “ER”, which in turn has sparked a very active lesbian fandom community, possibly the most numerous and most active in Spanish at large) –

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From Anik’s Kitchen: Tarte Flambée

September. The leaves on the tree in front of your windows show first signs of yellow. You need to unpack the woolen jackets. You try to drag out the day where you’ll have to wrap up the lounge chairs on the balcony into large garbage bags for the winter – a sure sign that summer is gone for good. Before you know it, you walk through the grocery store – it is not even mid-September yet – and you are greeted by a large assortment of Christmas cookies (something I refuse to acknowledge before the last week of November. These things are called Christmas cookies for a reason!).

To get over that upsetting sight, I progressed to the fridges and got a bottle of the untranslatable Federweißer (“partially fermented grape must” is not really a sexy term), one of the best things about autumn.

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“Small Steps”: Emergency Posting Chapter 165

Since mi@ is not letting me post my formatted update tonight, here’s stepecito 165 as an emergency update for all “Small Steps” readers. I’ll add this chapter at the usual place as soon as the &$$§%$&&&/!!!”§$!!! html-Editor at mi@ works again and refrains from further crashing my browser. Sorry for the inconveniences, dear tanguer@s!



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