Passwords & Access

Currently, there are two works on this site (“Timeless” and “Troubled Passage”) that require a password (as to the “why” of passwords: I’ve had work stolen by both bots and thoughtless people in the past, and the passwords make that less likely to happen).

In case you’d like to read either of the stories: below are the access codes; all my fiction is archived at the Writing Desk.

For the Bering & Wells (Warehouse 13) Late Night Feature story “Timeless”, the password is “Moses”.

For the J/7 Über story, “Troubled Passage”, the password is “1944“.

9 thoughts on “Passwords & Access”

  1. Anik, so glad to have found you again, it has been a long time since I heard from you! Your old email stopped working and I had no way to get in touch. Please write, I would love to hear what you are up to, and will start reading your new stories. Best, Lucy


  2. Dear Anik, have you changed your password for “Timeless”? I can’t seem to access your passworded entries anymore… Many thanks in advance, Nobu


    1. no, I didn’t change anything – I just tried and for me, it worked just fine. Perhaps WP had some glitches yesterday? Let me know if there is any more trouble.


  3. Anik LaChev, where have I been all your life?

    Not only are you a lesbian opera lover but you write slash fiction for Jane and 7. Jane and 7 are the hottest couple in the entire Star Trek canon. Well, of course they are.

    On to opera. I’ve been spending the last day obsessively watching Elina Garanca feel up Barbara Bonney at Salzburg in the duet from La clemenza di Tito. Garanca has a disconnected look in her eyes but her body language is good, and by the end she warms up and they are truly smoking. (Bonney, the older, more experienced performer, is fully committed.) And both are singing so magnificently, that I cry every time. I’d blame it on my period, but I don’t get one of those anymore. So it’s got to be late-life romantic fervor for these two stunning women in a beautifully sung, and choreographed, sublime (and hot) Mozart moment.

    Now I’ll move on to reading Troubled Passage and will get back to you.


    1. oh yes, the Salzburg Tito (notably, Kasarova as Sesto) is a beautiful thing, with the White Shirt love for it well documented in this blog and many others of our kind.
      And Janeway/Seven, albeit mostly in Über form these days for me, will never stop having so much story potential.


  4. How could it have been otherwise that somewhere on the internet would be the lesbian-writer-opera lover? Silly me not to look for you sooner. The fact that you also write fiction for my favorite slash pair (even in Über form) is a delightful added surprise.

    I’ve read the first 8 chapters of Troubled Passage and am hooked. Very cinematic writing; I can easily picture the vivid milieu and characters you’ve created. It doesn’t hurt that in my mind I hold the images of Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan. You’re so right: the J/7 dynamics — assuming you’re extrapolating from Voyager — have so much intrinsic sexual and romantic tension that you could write keep yourself busy about them for a long time.


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