Wrestling Rousseau: “Ariodante” in Stuttgart


To get this out of the way: no, this evening is not like “Alcina” (nothing will ever be like that formative “Alcina”), but if the legendary “Alcina” is one Baroque bookend of Wieler’s Stuttgart years, then this “Ariodante”, staged by Wieler and Morabito. may well be the other.

The concept looks at the intersection of class and enlightenment thought, juxtaposing baroque affect against classicist emotion and the question of identity warred between them. Literally: in a boxing/wrestling arena.

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The Brussels 2000 “Agrippina” Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Handel’s “Agrippina” (2000) from the La Monnaie Brussels, staged by David McVicar and conducted by René Jacobs.

Cast Listing:
Anna Caterina Antonacci – Agrippina
Rosemary Joshua – Poppea
Lawrence Zazzo – Ottone
Malena Ernman – Nerone
Lorenzo Regazzo – Claudio
Dominique Visse – Narciso
Antonio Abete – Pallante

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Liveblogging Handel’s “Agrippina” (Brussels 2000) on Saturday

commentary aggripina.png

[“And then they elected… wait, WHAT?!” – “I know, girl. I know.” – Narciso (Dominique Visse) and Anna Caterina Antonacci (Agrippina) in Handel’s “Agrippina”, Brussels 2000.]

Continuing the current mood of “sopranos (and mezzos) setting things on fire”, we return to Handel for the next liveblog, with the 2000 Brussels “Agrippina” featuring Antonacci in the title role and Ernman as Nerone, on Saturday, Feb. 4th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+1).

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White Shirt Emergency Support (3)

[Okay. It’s done. Time to put on the armor and sneer in contempt at the level of idiocy and incompetence on display (why, yes, I do feel like being petty today). – Joyce DiDonato (Romeo) in Bellini’s “I Capuleti e i Montecchi”, Kansas City 2013. – Photo Credit. Cory Weaver/K.C. Lyric Opera]

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Liveblogging Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito” (Salzburg 2003) on Sunday


[formative moments of WhiteShirtery: Vesselina Kasarova (Sesto) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Salzburg 2003]

It’s arguably THE Tito of the 2000s so far, and, not arguably, a core Kasarova performance, which also is in no small amount responsible for the coinign of the term “White Shirt” in our context.
On the liveblog menu this Sunday, Jan. 22nd, at 9:30 (!) p.m. (UTC+1) is Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito” from the 2003 Salzburg Festival.

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The Aix 2014 “Ariodante” Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Handel’s “Ariodante” from Aix-en-Provence (2014), conducted by Andrea Marcon and staged by Richard Jones.

Cast Listing:
Ariodante – Sarah Connolly
Ginevra – Patricia Petibon
Dalinda – Sandrine Piau
Polinesso – Sonia Prina
Lurcanio – David Portillo
King of Scotland – Luca Tittoto
Odoardo – Christopher Diffey

The production is available on YT, leave a comment if you need the link.

Libretto: Italian pdf here.