The Barcelona “Ariodante” (2006) Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Handel’s “Ariodante” from Barcelona (2006), with the Liceu Orchestra under Harry Bicket, staged by  Achim Freyer.

Cast List:

Ariodante – Vesselina Kasarova
Ginevra – Ofelia Sala
Polinesso – Sara Mingardo
Dalinda – Elena de la Merced
Lurcanio – Steve Davislim
The King of Scotland – Denis Sedov
Odoardo – Marc Canturri

Libretto: Italian (pdf).

Upcoming Liveblog: “Ariodante” (Barcelona 2006) tomorrow


[No, we clearly still haven’t maxed out on possible “Ariodantes” this year. Also, no sign of tiring of Sara Mingardo. #ItalianContraltoSyndrome – Sara Mingardo (Polinesso) in Handel’s “Ariodante”, Barcelona 2006]

Yes, it’s the puppet version. Comment discourse on how Bretchian alienation from immediate emotional immersion can allow you to connect to a work on a different and possibly deeper level included. Liveblog of this “Ariodante” tomorrow, Saturday, June 17th, at 9 p.m. (GMT+2).

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The Spoleto “Ariodante” (2007) Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Handel’s “Ariodante” from Spoleto (2007).

Since, clearly, we haven’t yet outmaxed our “Ariodante” quote for this spring (Haller! DiDonato! Coote!), we’re adding Hallenberg to our liveblog list, in a staging by John Pascoe and with Il Complesso Barocco under Alan Curtis.

Cast List:
Ann Hallenberg (Ariodante)
Laura Cherici (Ginevra)
Marta Vandoni Iorio (Dalinda)
Mary-Ellen Nesi (Polinesso)
Zachary Stains (Lurcanio)
Carlo Lepore (King of Scotland)
Vittorio Prato (Odoardo)

Libretto: Italian (pdf).

Upcoming Liveblog: “Ariodante” again tonight!


[Bring on a date: flowers, sword, epaulets. Seems to work like a charm. – Marta Vandoni Iorio (Dalinda) and Mary-Ellen Nesi (Polinesso) in Handel’s “Ariodante”, Spoleto 2007. – Photo Credit:  Francis Menotti Archive/Giulio Marocchi]

No, it’s still not enough “Ariodante”. Short-notice (though we’ve had this one on the list for a whilte) meet-up for a liveblog of the 2007 Spoleto production with Hallenberg and Nesi tonight, May 18th, at 9 p.m. (UTC+2).

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Rock, Swagger, Whispers: “Ariodante” at Theater an der Wien

Ariodante 2.jpg

Last night, the Grand Ariodante Tour of The English Concert started the European leg of their tour at TADW Vienna.

Short version: It was wonderful. Alice Coote’s sound bottled would make the best Scotch ever, Sonia Prina is actually Joan Jett, Christiane Karg should be cast if Todd Haynes ever directs a 1950s opera, I want to know where David Portillo buys his shoes, and the English Concert were British in the very best sense: precise, dedicated and witty with an incredibly rich vocabulary.

Of course, there is a long version.

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