White Skirt Wednesday: #DévorantLesNymphées

[Don’t fence me in, and by “in” I mean “into the closet”: Elīna Garanča (Eboli) in Verdi’s “Don Carlos”, Paris/ONP 2017.]

Casual reminder that this production will be streamed on ARTE tomorrow night.

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Foil Song

Watch. This. Right. Now.

(The well-known Foil Song from Verdi’s “Don Carlos”. Elīna Garanča (Eboli), Paris/ONP 2017. – Clip with thanks to Opéra national de Paris. Uploaded just in time for Coming Out Day. How convenient.)

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White Shirt Monday: octavia rima


[Chocolate: getting cold. Or not. – Opening sequence of Strauss’ “Der Rosenkavalier” with Celine Byrne (Marschallin) and Maren Engelhardt (Octavian), staged by Lorenzo Fioroni, Kassel 2014. – Photo Credit: Nils Klinger/Staatstheater Kassel]

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Pyre, Pyre, Hearts on Fire, II

[In Sickle and in Health! – Joyce DiDonato (Adalgisa) and Sondra Radvanovsky (Norma) in Bellini’s “Norma”, New York/Met 2017.]

So… how about a round of “Norma still or Xena episode?”

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Pyre, Pyre, Hearts On Fire

[But why did they dye Xena’s hair blond? – I swear, it’s not me, it’s “Norma”. Aaaaand it’s another production that looks like a known episode of “Xena”. – Joyce DiDonato (Adalgisa) and Sondra Radvanovsky (Norma) in Bellini’s “Norma”, New York/Met 2017. Opening tonight!! – Photo Credit: Ken Howard.]

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White Shirt Monday: Checkmate

[talking your buddy, who is the brother of your girlfriend, out of a murder attack on his boyfriend because the almost-girlfriend of said boyfriend (who is currently sort of seeing your buddy, but in a way that does not invite questions you could ask in public) is mad at that prospective boyfriend’s maybe-ex. Don’t you just love Metastasio? – Marianne Crébassa (Sesto) and Jeanine de Bique (Annio) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Salzbug 2017.]

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