Blog Restoration, cont’d

Now back up for your enjoyment:

Blog Restoration

The latest posts rescued from the nefarious clutches of F*ckbucket include:


Blog Restoration / Writing Time

An update on the restoration work front (said front being caused by F*ckbucket's new 3rd Party Hostage rules):

The kitchen section has been fully re-equppied with its according photos.

Several opera posts (not always in chronological order) have been rescued as well, but due to the sheer amount of them, this category will take longer.

Larger opera posts restored within the past few days, amidst cursing and more cursing, include:

Most of my limited blogging time continues to go into these restoring efforts at the moment, which is why there are fewer posts overall.

(the TDU recaps, though I plan to get to them eventually, will have to wait at the end of the line simply because they are very photo-heavy and not a priority at the moment)

These restoration efforts also take over what little I had managed to organize as fiction writing time this summer, to finally continue with "Stages", which is stuck in the middle of Chapter 16 even though the outline through to chapter 30+ is done and detailed.

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Broken Photo Links, II

An update on the broken photo link front: I have begun to repair posts by downloading parts of my photo library from the Hoster-Who-Shall-Not-be-Named, then going through posts one by one and restoring images by uploading them directly to WordPress.

It is tedious, annoying and takes a lot of time.

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Broken Photo Links


Chances are that when you have been browsing the blog archives this past week, you have come across this graphic (and the horrible pixelation isn’t mine, it’s theirs).

In a nutshell: Photobucket has, rather clandestinely, absolished third party hosting, declaring that one has to upgrade one’s account to a paid one to have one’s tied-in photo links work again.

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on the issue of White Shirt Archives


[The Original White Shirt Graphic as done by Purity, way back when.]

Apparently, today is #WorldOperaDay?

(wait, you meant that’s not every day? – It is in the universe that I am inhabiting. Living in bubbles is very dernier cri at the moment, I hear)

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