Video Alert: Waltraud Meier Documentary

[Waltraud Meier, telling the assistant on duty how she’s staging her final Kundry appearance while sort of wearing plaid, aka things are as God has intended at Berlin/Staatsoper 2016.]

Fine, Waltraud Meier hasn’t been billed as mezzo in quite a while, though she hasn’t been billed anything but “Waltraud Meier” since expanding from Kundry to Isolde – both parts which she has retired last year, and ARTE has a documentary on it worth watching even if you don’t understand German or French because it is Waltraud Meier.

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Mezzo Alert: DiDonato’s “In War & Peace” live from the Liceu

TalkPeace at the Liceu.png

This evening (June 4th, 6 p.m., UTC+2), DiDonato#s “In War & Peace” program will be video-streamed live from Liceu Barcelona, thanks to ARTEConcert.
– So far, it is only announced on the French edition of the site, but as long as one languge works, no matter which one, we’ll be fine (#PentecoastalSpirit). If you haven’t seen this program yet: make some time for it. I would say it strongly profits from a live setting in-house experience, but it should still transport much of DiDonato’s intentions via a screen.

Double Mezzo Alert: Munich streaming “Semiramide” on demand this weekend!

towanda just alerted me to the fact that Bayerische Staatsoper has as taken pity on our in some cases severely hiccuped Sunday night and is offering their “Semiramide” again, once more as a free stream (now on demand), all weekend long.

Exact time window: Sat., 9 a.m. (UTC+1) to Sun., midnight.