Ariodante Remix: JDD => Coote

So it seems our White Shirt “Ariodante” cheering line for May needs some adjustments, since DiDonato just announced that she will not be doing the European part of the upcoming “Ariodante” tour (but the North-American part: yes).

Our stops in London, Vienna, Hamburg and Paris will, however, get the chance to hear Alice Coote instead, which can in no way be called bad news. So while I am sad I will not get to hear DiDonato with this, I am thrilled I will finally get to hear Coote’s live take, on the heels of her CAC run in the same role this past winter.

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Vienna 17/18 (and some Munich)


While the TADW 17/18 announcement doesn’t even have a publicized date yet, the Staatsoper did hold its press conference yesterday, which I would have missed even if livestreamed (was it?) because of conferences of my own.

Given that it is the Staatsoper, I commend Meyer for programming a few things off the beaten mainstream path (and for hiring Susanna Mälkki to conduct one of them). My main question of “But the Ariodante?!” has been answered: Sarah Connolly.

Yaaaaaaaaay! Way to score a lead with Vienna Staatsoper in one of her signature roles.

Let’s hope the winter won’ t be too hard and long because that will be a long couple of days in the standing room queue!

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Video Alert: Thinking about Romina Basso


It’s all my baby brother’s fault. This all started because he – the Cooking Scientist – called me when he came back from Beaune, after a weekend of Baroque, escargots and cassis, with a crush on Romina Basso.

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The Zurich “Agrippina”: Impressions


Curtain Calls, “Agrippina” in Zurich, 26.05.09. – Marijana Mijanovic, Anna Bonitatibus, Laszlo Polgár.

The May 26th “Agrippina”  – aka “The Night That Kasarova Didn’t Sing” – was fantastic anyway. Marijana Mijanovic in dress whites kind of makes you forget that there is anyone else supposed to be singing. Or breathing. Then Anna Bonitatibus redefines your heretofore decidedly limited concept of “coloratura” and just as you think you could die happily, Laszlo Polgar sings “Vieni oh cara” and you’re ridiculously happy that you didn’t die before you got a chance to hear that.

That’s the short version. Extended edition with more photos (in case of doubt, click to enlarge) after the cut.

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