White Shirt Monday: Checkmate

[talking your buddy, who is the brother of your girlfriend, out of a murder attack on his boyfriend because the almost-girlfriend of said boyfriend (who is currently sort of seeing your buddy, but in a way that does not invite questions you could ask in public) is mad at that prospective boyfriend’s maybe-ex. Don’t you just love Metastasio? – Marianne Crébassa (Sesto) and Jeanine de Bique (Annio) in Mozart’s “La clemenza di Tito”, Salzbug 2017.]

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[Made it to Friday! Mood: Valkyrie.
– Smash the patriarchy, and smash this early morning meeting with the faculty advisory board, where tenured people bitch about equipment and recognition, while the rest of us counts the months until our fixed-term contracts run out without chance of renewal because this very board decided that they do not want to encourage people to seek tenure. Burn ’em, and get new cheap PhD students instead, and then burn those, too! – Ride of the Valkyries, Wagner’s “Die Walküre”, Valencia Nuremberg 2014.]

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