Sound and Clouds and Thunder (30)

[Wasn’t this a week where birthday tributes were due? Look, I found a lovely serenade. It’s short, too: it does not excede 140 characters, eh, seconds. – Marijana Mijanovic singing “Empio, dirò, tu sei” from Handel’s “Giulio Cesare”. – Clip with thanks to lalagonegaga]

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (29)


[“Se ben mai non mi vide” from Cavalli’s “La Doriclea” sung by Anne Sofie von Otter, featuring La Cappella Mediterranea. – Clip with thanks to Emily Brontë]

That state were privileged people break the law and it is public knowledge and yet there are no consequences because slightly lesser privileged people hope to cash in on the the wave of ‘me first/me, too/and it doesn’t hurt me personally, so what’?

Still happening. A lot.

Still not normal.

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (26)

[“Dell’antro magico”: as a general rule, the mezzo’s stick will always be bigger than yours. (also, she will get the duet with your girlfriend in the end, while you’re fleecing something in a job you’re not cut out for) End of story. – Kristina Hammarström (Medea) in Cavalli’s “Giasone”, Geneva 2017. – Clip with thanks to the Cappella Mediterranea]

Good grief, in time for the 6-month anniversary of this column, it sure has been a week.

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (25)

[Women leaders who get their wings cut by less qualified people of privilege, while fighting against patriarchal structures and power abuse: welcome to orienzalized Old Egypt, welcome to today.
Fiorenza Cossotto (Amneris) in the Judgment scene from Verdi’s “Aida”, NewYork/MET 1980s. – Clip with thanks to crewmantle.
PS. Those with cut wings? They will grow claws, and dig deeper.]

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