Sound and Clouds and Thunder (18)

[Reasons to smile: Ann Hallenberg singing “Già presso al termine” from Veracini’s “Adriano in Siria”. – Clip, again, with thanks to jovi1715]

Another week, another reminder that nepotism and sexism are not normal and are, in fact, largely outlawed in some happy places – even if no one speaks up. And we need to speak up. Everyone’s side job: keeping democracy safe and up and running.

And what better way to energize than with some Ann Hallenberg?

There is so much stupendous technique and so much joy (also, foxiness) and beauty in this recording that it feels like a day at a mental health spa – just take the syncopic repetition as of 4:28!

Listening to Hallenberg, to me, always comes with an added sense of something being imminently and unrefutably right with the world.
Like the world is in balance, even when it is not. Perhaps it is a general Swedish mezzo thing because I also get this with von Otter (and sometimes with Ernman, too): their singing is a compass that gives us an aural assurance of the world being able to be in sync. And for a few precious minutes, it is.

Listening to Hallenberg these days signals, to me, hope. (and anyone of us who can should be heading to Antwerp to catch her “Agrippina”)

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (17)

[Patricia Petibon singing Mozart’s concert aria “Vorrei spiegarvi, oh Dio”. – Clip wiht thanks to primohomme]

And it is time for the weekly reminder that supremacist behavior and blatant disregard and phobia of minorities and less privileged groups of a society is still in no way okay, nor will it ever be, and, yes, I will be here until week 208.

Wherever you are right now: here, have a slice of perfect beauty for week #17, and take a deep breath.

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (16)

Vivica Genaux (Piramo), Desirée Rancatore (Tisbe) duetting: “Che mai temer potrei” from Hasse’s “Piramo e Tisbe” with Europa Galante & Biondi, Salzburg 2010. – Clip with thanks to la Chaîne de wienerfr – (There is a version with more context on YT, too)]

It has been another week driving home the point that veneer of civilization is thin, but that it is all the more reason to guard its surface and skate across it with care.

I do not believe in chaos and destruction. Don’t give way to those who do. They do not belong on the playground.

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (15)

[If there ever was a clip that should be tagged #RockingTheRevolution and #IfBelcantoIsWithUsWhoMayStandAgainstUs, it is this one – the first Romeo scene from Bellini’s “I Capuleti e i Montecchi”, sung by Joyce DiDonato at the 2013 Berlin Aids Gala. Clip with thanks to MissHelena1011.]

15 down, 193 to go, barring the apocalypse, but we’d even have a soundtrack for the apocalypse and you bet it would involve a free press and Antonacci singing the Berlioz Cassandre with an interpolated “I told you this wasn’t normal, and you just wouldn’t listen.”

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (14)

[I thought we could do with some female disdain in charge at the moment: Anja Harteros (Alcina), “Ma quando tornerai” aka “Cry Me A River” in Handel’s “Alcina”, Vienna 2010. (in case this embeds wrongly at pt. 1 again: it’s part 21/25).- Clip with thanks to LyriqueMGK. For the full video-version, check here as of 39’00 (#HippyThing), and for a 2009 in-house from Milan (Carsen’s production, but still Harteros), head over to Gudrun’s]

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Sound and Clouds and Thunder (13)

[Since the world needs more wisdom, and ladies in ties. – The begining of  Lully’s “Armide” from our usual suspect, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Paris 2008, featuring here Claire Debono (La Gloire) and Isabelle Druet (La Sagesse) in a staging by Robert Carsen. Clip with thanks to musicalpunchlines’s channel (full video here, thanks to Agapò te Musikè 3)]

This is your weekly reminder of, this is not normal, this will never be normal.

And if someone asked a question does answer to something completely different, with a lie, and then blames you for a third unrelated thing, you trip them up by blaming them for something else (that you just made up) in return, to then claim with a very serious face that, no, only on Wednesdays, and if then, the result will only, since the beginning of time, and don’t you dare. And no, it is only art if it’s by Kurt Schwitters.

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