Through Geschwitz’s Lorgnette: Cavalli cont’d

[‘Heteronormativity: you’re doing it wrong’, and some more elaborate thoughts on the performance of La Cappella Mediterranea’s Teatro dei Sensi, featuring Mariana Flores and Giuseppina Bridelli, Venice 2015 (in the Sala Superiore of the Scuola Grande di San Rocco – so it’s not quite a church, but it is a confraternity building and this hall has an altar (and Tintoretto works because Venice isn’t kidding around))]

No, I’m not over this concert anytime soon. And I’ve been trying to pinpoint why.

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White Shirt Monday: Black Delt



[Does anyone of you remember the ludicrous old German TV ad for “Drei Wetter Taft” hairspray? Featuring a business woman traveling three different climates in a day, with the tagline of ‘every hair in place’?
Syracuse shore, 7:45 p.m.: Sea mist on the rowboat. Every hair in place. #BelcantoHair.
Mt. Etna Foothills, 9:30 p.m.: Throwing an unjustified tantrum in dry mountain air. Every hair in place. #BelcantoHair.
Ferrara Ending, 10 p.m.: Dying (but in great company). Still major hairgame.
Patrizia Ciofi (Amenaide) and Marianna Pizzolato (Tancredi) in Rossini’s Tancredi”, Pesaro 2004. – Here’s the clip that came up with this ingenious cover shot, with thanks to jovi1715]

The Stuttgart 1999 “Alcina” Liveblogging Thread


Welcome to the White Shirt live comment thread for Handel’s “Alcina”, staged by Jossi Wieler & Sergio Morabito and conducted by Alan Hacker.

Cast Listing:

Alcina – Catherine Naglestad
Ruggiero – Alice Coote
Bradamante – Helene Schneiderman
Morgana – Catrona Smith
Oberto – Claudia Mahnke
Oronte – Rolf Romei
Melisso – Michael Ebbecke

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White Shirt Mothership

[Why are the White Shirts called White Shirts? Between this and this, I rest my case. – Vesselina Kasarova (Orphée) in Gluck’s “Orphée et Eurydice”, Munich/BSO 2003. ]

Since work this week didn’t allow to post this for White Shirt Monday, let me make it up to you with an extended version, all courtesy of last week’s “Orphée” liveblog.

Warning: this post is heavy on screencaps. In fact, it consists of little more than copius screencaps. Consult your data plan before proceeding.

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