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Welcome to the Writing Desk.

Here, I post and archive my fiction (no opera reviews, in case you clicked the wrong link on the menu above and are now wondering where you have ended up. Head back to opera writings here. (To reviews, here). – For queer romance, read on).

In this section, you can find all my stories (fan fiction, Über & novels – some originally written under aliases) archived for you to read. Some of them may be offline due to editing and/or publishing plans.

Many of these stories take place in historical settings, and all of them revolve around women falling in love with each other (but if you’ve made it to this page, you probably knew that already).

The current project – 2015-ongoing – is “Stages”, an opera romance set in Aix-en-Provence in 2015.

There are also parts of my sketchbook on this page, with projects that are further down on the list or that didn’t make it, and some extra material from and for stories that have been around for a while.

The stories are in reverse order, chronologically. I was seriously tempted to remove a few of the earlier ones, simply because they don’t reflect my writing standards any longer, but then decided to leave them available. This place is not about my writerly vanity, but about your reading interests. (Just be aware that the farther you scroll down, the less polished the writing may be.)

My two novellas “Timeless” (Warehouse 13, Myka/HG) and “Troubled Passage” (J/7 Über) are accessible through here for easier reading, but they’re still unedited. For the respective passwords, check the password page (as to why there are passwords: I’m tired of bots and thoughtless people stealing and reposting my work).

“Campus” – currently offline due to editing/publishing plans

“Small Steps” – currently offline due to editing/publishing plans

“Jungle Fever” – currently offline due to editing/publishing plans

Stages (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2015) – [work in progress, on-going!]

Bering & Wells; Opera AU

“If you’re going to be my ex-lover, you’ll have to be more convincing than that.”

Helena Wells is an ambitious soprano moving up. Myka is a mezzo-soprano who still can’t quite believe she has stumbled into a stage career. Cue the music.

Chapters: 12345678910
                   1112131415 – 16 – 17 – 18 – 19 – 20…

The Key (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2014)

Bering & Wells; Early Modern Spain AU: Myka & Helena in 1492 (Columbus does not appear in this story)

María Blazquez does cross herself and kneel in church, but the most heavenly creature she can think of is Haya, daughter of Abraham ha-Levi Abenhayon.

Chapters: 1234567

The Goblet (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2014)

Bering & Wells; Medieval AU: Myka & Helena as Tristan & Isolde

Oh, there is no shortage of stories about King Arthur’s gallant niece, not on all the islands. And Helena does not want to hear them, least of all the one where Lady Myka of Canoêl persuaded her uncle to stop paying toll. Where she headed a party to break the old contract on Irish soil. Where, in battle, she killed the Sir Nathaniel, the pride of Eire, only to return to claim his bereft bride as a prize for her vassal uncle. What a fine story that makes.

This one in particular, she has heard more than enough. Petrus Curvenal tells it on deck, time and again, to the roaring laughter of the seamen. He makes sure to tell it loud enough to carry down here.

It isn’t Curvenal who is keeping her under deck, though. The insults, she can handle. Whatever Petrus Curvenal throws at her, she will scoff at.

But going up would also mean seeing her.

Chapters: 1234567

The Abbey (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2014)

Bering & Wells; Medieval AU: Helena is a knight, Myka is a nun.

Claudius’ whisper carries over to her. “A nun, my Lord? Do you want to send us to the fiery pits of hell?!”
Myka pretends not to listen as they walk away.
“She’s not yet a nun,” Sir George points out.
Claudius gives him a stern look. “She belongs to God.”
“Good,” Sir George replies. “You keep telling me that I should get closer to God, don’t you?”

Big Dipper (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2014)

Bering & Wells; a Classical Mythology AU:

Myka is the Goddess Diana.
Helena has divine taste.

Warehouse Story (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2013)

A Bering & Wells version of the musical West Side Story.

There’s a brick wall at their backs, blank and standing too close to the wired maze of fire escapes across the alleyway. Helena looks up. She has to tip her head back to see a spot where the sunlight actually reaches down and touches the windows behind the metal.

One of them is opened, despite the heat.

Helena blinks.

Someone is sitting on the windowsill, soaking up the sun. Helena can only make out a fall of curly brown hair and two hands holding a book, and one bare leg dangling low against the metal stairs, back and forth, back and forth.

She Walked Up To The Castle (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2013)

Bering & Wells; medieval through a preraphaelite/symbolist lense; an exercise in rhythm.

“One tapestry she brings, as a dowry to prove her reign of the house. And there, in the faded yarn, the tale can be read: the king on the merlons and, down on the bridge, a figure with a crown and wild curly hair, and another one, pale, in a black hooded cloak.”

Crossroads (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2013)

Bering & Wells in a WW2 setting:

It is dark underneath the city.

Next to Pavel, a woman steps up, willowy thin, black hair swept up. She’s pale in an elegant way, the kind of woman Myka would never have met if not for this war. She steps forward with reserve – Myka supposes that hesitation is not a trait that runs in her circles –, a suitcase clutched in both hands.

Myka looks at her and she knows she will lose that suitcase. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow. By the time she makes it out of here, she’ll be lucky to own the skin on her back. And she’ll know it.

Horizons On Fire (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells Über/AU, 2013)

Bering & Wells in a WW1 setting:

The steps sound on the gravel road every afternoon. It’s not quite Tuscany. The colors of the fields are burnt by the sun, and the hillsides are not gentle slopes. There’s nothing around here, just the dust on the road and, set back among the crops, a finishing school for girls whose parents don’t want any distractions around them. In most cases, not any further distractions.

And there is the airfield.

And every afternoon, the pilots come down the gravel road, their flight jackets open, shirts stained by sweat under the burn of the afternoon sun.

Timeless (Warehouse 13, Bering & Wells, 2012)

an alternative Season 4 of sorts, setting in after 4×01 – with the Warehouse restored, Myka and HG get caught up in the  side effects of Artie’s time reset. Time to solve some more puzzles and save the day. And apropos time…


(password here)

Troubled Passage (Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway/Seven Über, 2012/2013)
[for password, check the link given at the top of this page]

an Über story based very loosely on “Killing Game” (episode 4×18): France, 1944. Catherine Jonville doesn’t want any trouble at her inn, but then an intriguing stranger appears on her doorstep, suitcase in hand.


(password here)

Dare (Terapia d’urgenza, Marina/Esther, 2009/2010)

– edited version in ten chapters –

Since the short-lived Italian medical show ended with Marina being gunned down in the parking lot by a madwoman before she could patch up things with Esther, this is a novella-sized epilogue to the show, trying to give it a proper ending. – What happens after Marina is shot?

Chapters 1-3Chapter 4Chapters 5&6Chapters 7-10

Lemon Cheese Cake (Desperate Housewives, Bree/f, 2005)

What would happen if Bree met her housewife match? Desperation of another kind ensues. (Season 1 timeframe)

Long River In Egypt (CSI, Catherine/Sara, 2005)

The events around the funeral of Catherine’s ex, Eddie, bring up old memories and new revelations for both Catherine and Sara.

Crash And Yearn (CSI, Catherine/Sara, 2004)

Catherine and Sara don’t like each other. But then Sara is caught up in an explosion at the lab together with Catherine’s daughter, and things begin to change.

Non Me Lo So Spiegare (I can’t Explain It To Myself) (Law & Order SVU, Alex/Olivia, 2005)

a short story settled around the episode „Ghost”.

Sere Nere (Black Nights) (Law & Order SVU, Alex/Olivia, 2005)

a “getting Alex back out of witness protection” story.

Game’s End (Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway/Seven, 2003)

an epilogue to the show’s final episode, “Endgame”.

Quando me’n vo (Star Trek: Voyager, Janeway/Seven Uber, 2001)

the result of a J/7 “Phantom of the Opera” challenge.

Rykoe having some fun with the leading ladies of Campus:

devil_darhayne_cardbyRykoe             campus_darhayne_wears_kreekbyRykoe*****

Some “projects that didn’t (quite) make it” & Extra Materials:

Capture (2000/2001)- a non-Über J/7 story, built around the question of what would happen if the power dynamics between Janeway and Seven shifted and Janeway would have to deal with a moment of weakness/helplessness. first 20 pages written, story layout. Definitely a case of “early works”.

“Prussian Blue” (2004) – first story layout for a “Mädchen in Uniform” tribute J/7 Über, set around 1900 in an all-girls boarding school (I still hope to get to write this, I really liked the idea.)

the unnamed Maca y Esther (Hospital Central) “gap fic” (2006) – a story woven into Season 8, filling in motivations and additional scenes for the Maca/Esther romance. Brainstorming file/tentative layout.


The original Campus 13 chapterboard


Sketches for “Timeless”:


Sketches for “Troubled Passage”:

24 thoughts on “The Writing Desk”

    1. not at the moment – the novel is offline for editing and will eventually be released either as a book or once more online, either on my website or this blog. Thank you for your interest!


  1. I have to say that you are my FAVORITE author. And I read vociferously and have devoured many hundreds of books in my 20 years =P That being said, You are simply amazing. I devoured Campus, and just a few chapters in it became my favorite story/book/everything EVER. I just made a compilation for my comp of Timeless, and am looking forward to reading it, and in seeing the final re-edited version you’ll release later. I’m also Excited to read Troubled Passage. I adored those WWII episodes in the holodeck, and I can’t even begin to express how excited I am that you are the one writing the fanfiction for it 😀

    And I saw you did a Madchen in Uniform J/7 uber, and combining both is brilliant. I thought of writing a Madchen in Uniform Bering & Wells uber sometime, but I have so many things I need to tackle writing wise that that idea sits on the shelf for now =) My problem with writing is I always have ideas, and my mind is never still. Writer’s block has never ever happened to me. Which makes picking a story while not letting other good story ideas go to waste, and keep up with life and ppl and family and other things =)
    But you inspire me to tackle my bigger projects.

    So thank you for your MANY years of writing. I adore it. And I am excitedly ancy to read more of your work.

    Love from Central Indiana =)


    1. Thank you for the enthusiastic feedback, this just made my day!
      Always happy to inspire a fellow writer out there 🙂 Time management *is* an issue, and it never gets easier, it seems. I started the first novel I finished at age 22 (and it took me 7 years and a lot of missed parties).
      — In a Bering & Wells “Mädchen in Uniform” setting, who would be the teacher and who the student, or would they both be students? Or both teachers?
      Good luck with all your projects, and greetings to “Janeway country”! 😉


  2. Hello,

    I am writing to you following the suggestion of Jae, your fellow writer. I am a composer of classical music and I would like to talk to you about a project of mine, as both of us are great opera fans.
    I can’t seem to find on the site your e-mail address, in order to send you a private message. Mine is [edited].

    Best regards,



    1. I am writing you a message at the moment; my address is mentioned varius times, usually in the story disclaimers, but I don’t have it on big display to keep the spam low. I’ll edit your message so that the spambots won’t hit you, either.


  3. I was able to read Crossroads, She Walked Up To The Castle, and Warehouse Story. I loved reading them. I found myself wanting to be able to read more and really get into the story, to know where it will all end. Even though the endings were sad, it was all worth the read. Very amazing stories Anik.


    1. Thank you, Cerise. I am very glad you enjoyed them! In this shorter style, I played with settings that don’t necessarily have happy endings, but rather some kind of “happy” at some point, some connection – and I found that for me, in many instances a happy ending would have felt forced.
      I will try to add another story tonight


  4. Wow! I’ve just discovered this section and definitely will start reading right away! 🙂 I look forward to the WH13 stories very much.


    1. Emmie! Always good to see you.
      And this is a bit of a private spot. We don’t advertise it much and try to talk to everyone who happens to stumble through the door. 😉


  5. Hello, any update on small steps? I just did a rebinge on maca/esther and I would love to reread small steps. Your writing is amazing.


    1. Thank you for checking in, Ana!
      My editing is going nowhere at the moment, I simply don’t find the time (I barely find time to read and blog), so I don’t really know what do do, since on one hand, I don’t want to put everything back unedited, and on the other hand, I really hate to give up on the idea of turning the novels into books. So I don’t know what to do at the moment.


  6. Hi Anik, I remember the excitement of each new chapter of Campus and keep looking, hoping to find it published. Any news? 🙂


    1. Hi Romana, thanks for checking in. No, no news, unfortunately – or, rather, the news is that I am still loathe to give up on the idea (after that much work already channeled into it”), but at the moment, and also in the next few years, work and family will make likely it impossible to pursue any publishing plans.
      I have thought about self-publishing (since the length and slant of it will pose a problem for most publishing hosues), or at least getting it out as a well-edited ebook, but again: time constraints. A lot of editing would have to go into it, and my current book projects are all academic (funnny how I ended up in the world in the end, which was never my plan).
      As soon as there is anything to tell, I will post it here.


      1. I’m glad it’s still on the back burner at least 🙂 Thanks for the reply. I know how the time thing goes, and editing can take much longer than writing!


  7. Hello! Your Bering and Wells fics are some of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve had the pleasure of reading, and I’ve noticed that you’ve posted some of them on AO3 – I was just wondering if you plan to move “Timeless” over there as well? (I tend to download fics onto my E-Reader to read in bed, and AO3 is very good for that haha)


    1. “Timeless” is not on AO3 (yet) because I wrote it not as Daphne (and Is till keep the two accounts somewhat apart), and because I would have to edit out at least the worst typos before crossposting it over there, and there simply hasn’t been the time. But, as you can see, the thought has crossed my mind!


  8. Hi there! I read “Troubled Passage” three times, I’m absolutely loved it!! Really, I love all your stories haha
    I saw you thought about doing a “Mädchen in Uniform” tribute J7 uber story, and I wondered if you would be adverse to writing one? I really liked that idea, I think it would be very interesting. Let me know what ya think!
    Keep being a fabulous writer, xoxo Mal


    1. Thank you for the feedback! At the moment I don’t find any writing time and I don’t think I’ll ever get around to that Mädchen in Uniform story (but I said the same thing about Troubled Passage) – but it’s a J/7 scenario that could do with quite a few stories either way!



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